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Cheryl Barton discusses how she achieved her "AHA"        video moment being coached by Bonnie Keith

Most Recent Testimonial Above (left): Wedding Couple viewing their wedding video for the First Time

Hi Bonnie,  I just wanted to thank you and let you know we truly enjoyed the video. It was great we have seen it 3 times already. Everybody who has seen it has loved it.  Including Michael and my aunt.  Tomorrow I am going to my mom's house to show my family.  We have been so busy that my family has not seen it. I really appreciate all your work.  It was great.  You and your crew captured the day  perfectly.  It is priceless.  We really enjoyed it. I loved the still photos, too.  Thank you for opening with my grandmother, that was just perfect. We can't Thank you enough...

Dec. 22,  2014  Cynthia    for a video of her daughter's Quinceanera 

Hi Bonnie,  sorry I didn't get back to you sooner.  We just loved the pictures. We don't even know how to choose. We can't even imagine more. You are just so Awesome!!! Would it be possible to get them all on a cd? They are just priceless memories to us and would hate not to have them all.  

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"Bonnie Keith and her photography, green screen and video team did an outstanding job at our Star Wars Themed Wedding.  They professional recorded the ceremony and reception festivities, effectively coordinating with the MC on the music, lighting etc. Everyone worked cohesively and timely together, making sure all loose ends were taken care of as needed, keeping us; the bride and groom unaware of any issues or concerns so we could focus on us.  Lighting and music was on par, clear and timely. Everyone loved the green screen and Bonnie did a great job with the photos, she does amazing work.  She listened to our concerns for having a none-traditional, nerdy wedding and did an amazing job beyond our expectations.  Thank you sooooo much!  If we ever have the opportunity to throw another crazy fun party, we will be getting in touch."-Liz W. 9/1/15

Santa Clarita, CA
Brenda Avadian, MA Expert Speaker for Dementia Caregivers, Author,, STUFFologist, Board of Directors Member

I hate to give Bonnie a recommendation because then she'll be busier and not have enough time for my projects... But to be fair here's why I've dubbed her the "Video Surgeon."
Bonnie was hired to do a single-camera shoot of my keynote. We talked in advance about what I'd like and she got a feeling for what I wanted. She visited the venue and returned telling me she decided it needs a three-camera shoot. WOW! The day of the event, she had FIVE cameras! And she didn't charge me extra! Here's where it gets interesting...

After the event or post-production is just as important as the shoot... Careers are made and broken on the "cutting room floor." Bonnie took an overwhelming amount of video (from five cameras) and assembled them into a compelling story that went beyond my imagination. Now, I have a documentary length video!

Well, I couldn't stop there! I asked if we could excerpt some video shorts (for today's shorter-attention spans on YouTube) and and she accepted. She has so much pride in giving her customers a superb and memorable video that she hesitates to ask for more money. I paid her more because it's important to build relationships with people these days who have pride in producing quality work.

A simple one-camera shoot with 2 or 3 video excerpts became a five-camera shoot and a documentary-length video plus 5 video shorts AND photos that I'm using everywhere! Here's the link to the first short video:

Bonnie Keith = Video Surgeon who exceeds expectations!

Bonnie undersells and over-delivers. In other words, you'll get more than you'll pay for much less know to ask for.

Too bad G+ doesn't offer more stars.

Randy Keith has recommended your work as Owner/Operator Full Video Production Services at VideoMagic Productions.

Dear Bonnie,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "To describe Bonnie's work as phenomenal would be an understatement. I have seen her work, from acting to directing, creating to producing, since nearly the moment I was born. Bonnie's passion for the camera and the subjects in front of it is unparalleled in her industry. She has the unique ability to take "the Average Joe" and make him/her a star on camera. She always delivers more than her "cost" and takes pride in every second of her work.".


  • Denise B. wrote:
  • Omg that was beautiful I love it! Thank you Bonnie you captured their special day perfectly!

  • Alexander H. wrote:

  •  I love this video u are the best!!!

  • A.C. wrote: It's amazing. We Love It.

    ( Thank you Bonnie. I know you did a fantastic job, I can tell by how much passion you have towards your work.

    The footage looks awesome, great shots, great audio, and overall? great work! Thank you, I will be sure to use you again!...Lawrence 12/26/14)

    • .Brandi A. March 2,2014  Bonnie did our wedding video this past December and it was absolutely amazing. She really worked with us so we understood the importance of having a video and was very communicative through the whole process. The experience and the video couldn't have turned out better and we highly recommend her professional services! 

    • Monica K.-Santa Clarita-March 4, 2014 (Photo Montage)
    • Dear Bonnie,
    • I have no words to thank you enough for the beautiful montage you put together for our family!
      You touched my heart in a very special way...
      I am so grateful you are in my life. You are one of a kind!  This is priceless. We can't thank you enough for putting it together and for all your hard work. 
      It is a beautiful montage. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
      • Mindy C.
        • Mindy C.
        • Santa Clarita, owner of "Little School of Music" CA 7/16/2014

        Bonnie and her wonderful crew are very professional and passionate about what they do. She is open to trying anything to get the best result for what you want your video to be. She truly cares about the experience you have and with the end result being what you want. She is very generous and a joy to work with! Thank you for all your time and expertise Bonnie! :)

      • Jeff A.
        • Jeff A.
        • Santa Clarita, CA
        5.0 star rating

          Bonnie goes above and beyond. Her work and professionalism is superb. I love working events with her, I'm a DJ. Bonnie not only captures so many priceless moments using various camera people in different locations, so nothing is missed... She also does it seamlessly working with me the caterer and the photographer, so that the party runs smoothly and the FUN and tender moments happen naturally! Bonnie is sweet and powerhouse of energy to work with and the final edited product is always timely and AMAZING!! Hire Video Magic for any and all your lifetime events!!

    Lisa W. March 3, 2014
    thank you so much for a great video. You Rock!!! (Business owner)

    • Simeon. P. ..Sept. 18, 2013

      Great job, oh lovely Bonnie. I'm SO impressed with your work! Who would've thought that you'd be on the other side of the camera? Thank you for your hours of work, your excellent eye, and your still youthful good looks. How do you do it?
      I wish that I could've been to the dinner and the viewing of the dance concert. Thank you for filling those gaps for me....

      I am SO impressed with Video Magic and the wonderfully talented Bonnie Keith!  If you are looking for a great sports video, wedding video and any other special occasion, you will get the best with Bonnie!!  She is so invested in your project and has touched my heart deeply with the way she captured my daughter in softball!  Thank you so very much!!


      Keith L......August 2, 2013

      Great work! The video is conceptually perfect. .What a great Visual Artist you truly are


      .Patty T.

      • Santa Clarita, CA

      Bonnie was referred to my family by our track coach for the taping of a sports video for recruiting purposes.  From day one our experience with Bonnie was above and beyond what we were looking for.   Bonnie was truly a pleasure to work with always professional and very accommodating. Bonnie's expertise was evident  in her recommendations during production.  We were very pleased with the finished product and   we look forward to working with Bonnie and Video Magic Productions on future projects.


      Jeanne A. October 6, 2013.....and I just wanted to thank you again, wholeheartedly, for all your work, artistry, generosity and willingness to offer us something that we will truly treasure.   ..... 

      Regards and special thanks,
        J. Medina.....Sept. 28, 2013
      ......Thank you sooooo much for this terrific memory....
        Randy R.
      Bonnie, the CD'S arrived yesterday and we can't stop watching. Laughing at Jose, singing along with Gary and Melissa, Julius and Lynda and Bonnie R. Even Shirley Katz put on a good show. Thanks again 
      • Carolyn H.  Can't wait for my copy to arrive! Know I'm going to love it! 


    Shirley A.  March 9, 2013
    we just now watched this ?amazing!!!  James loved it too?we even love the music you chose!!   ----IT?S EXCELLENT!!!!!!!!!!!!     you are soooo awesome!
     you are a blessing to us!!!  xo shirley

    Kathy R. -Photographer.. 3/1/2013 Kathy R.

    Bonnie puts her all into creating a video spot that speaks for you.  I needed a video of a photography project in the making and she came through with flying colors for me.  I told her what my hope was and she made it happen exactly so that the video captured the day just as it unfolded.  I am a fine art portrait photographer and being taped while photographing in my small studio was a challenge.  The disk was delivered quickly so I could share the experience right away with my audience as well.

    I wholeheartedly recommend Bonnie for a one minute (or longer) commercial about your business or any other video work you need.  She is very professional.

    5.0 star rating
    5.0 star rating

    Bonnie is amazing!

    It has been a pleasure to not only work with Bonnie but to also get to know her. She is a wonderful individual and makes beautiful videos that will capture and convey any emotion you tell her you are hoping to express with your video marketing. 

    I feel she went beyond what anyone else would have done for me in the editing of my video. She was patient, responsive, and willing to try different things to see what would work for me. She never made me feel like she was "done" with me, or needed me to hurry and make a decision so that she could finish the project. 

    I love her work as much as I love working with her.       
    Thank you Bonnie!!!! 

    5.0 star rating

    Bonnie offers more than video production. She gives heart to her work. She has filmed commercial and more personal videos. In every one the soul of the message comes through. Her work is clean and edited for maximum effect. I can recommend her for your video production._____

    5.0 star rating

    I sent Bonnie several hours of home movies that were previously transferred onto DVD.  The problem was they were all mashed together -- different people -- different times on assorted DVD's.  Bonnie was able to edit the movies onto four separate DVD's that had all the right people in the right movies at the right time.  She added titles, special effects, and the most perfect music I could imagine.  I sent her a mish mash and she sent me back a masterpiece.  Her rates are great and her professionalism is unparalleled.

    5.0 star rating
     11/1/2010 Nikki S.

    Bonnie the owner of Video Magic Productions, truly works Magic! She is professional and knows her stuff.  She recently filmed live interviews with other professionals for a campaign that I am doing and I was so impressed with her knowledge and her willingness to make things look and feel great!  The program that she helped get me signed on to- Talk Fusion has also helped my business grow.  I am very appreciative to Video Magic Productions for all that they continue to do to help me grow my business and stay , CUTTING EDGE!  5 STARS from me !1 Will refer to all I know!

    5.0 star rating
     4/14/2011 Carol P.

    Bonnie is a magician when it comes to video.  She is a true artist and makes you feel like a star in your own picture show.  The consummate professional Bonnie strives to make sure you are comfortable and at ease during your video shoot.  You will appear as though you had been in front of the camera for years even if it is your first time.  Most of all she captures you in such a way that people really get a sense of you which is what it is all about.

    5.0 star rating
     11/8/2012 Shelley B.

    Bonnie videotaped an entire Laughter Yoga presentation of mine and then edited it into a much smaller version that I could post in other places.  It has been so encouraging to people who have seen it.  One friend from across the country saw it and immediately googled Laughter Yoga in her community so she could participate!  Bonnie also has amazing ideas about how you can use your video to market your business.  Just a wealth of information and heart!

    Photo of Sarah P.

    • review

    Santa Clarita, CA

    5.0 star rating

    Bonnie makes you feel at ease in front of the camera.  She is great with editing and music to make your video stand out.  As a doctor, this is a great tool to help patients feel at ease and educate the procedures that  I perform.  Bonnie shoots for professionalism and makes you and your business look great.  I love her lively energy.  She is very quick to get the video reviewed for your approval before the final edit.  I would recommend her and her service for any business.

    5.0 star rating
     8/27/2012 Ed B.

    Bonnie, is an untapped resource. You should meet with her for a no fluff meeting about you video needs. She has done many videos in the Santa Clarita Valley. 
    cost effective and on time.

    Steve Ramirez
    Owner at General Works Roofing & Sheet Metal A Tecta America Company

    I'm not the kind of person that would ever consider being on camera. But yet Bonnie was able to coach me into doing a Video of me and my Business. Its not easy for some of use to be on camera.Her understanding and patients made it easy.With fantastic results. 
    I guess that why they call it Video Magic. 
    S.R.Roofing Company

    February 13, 2013, Steve was Bonnie's client
    Mason Rashtian
    Owner, Partner, The Mason Law Firm

    Bonnie created some great short videos for me to use for marketing. She is professional, very knowledgeable about her craft and the videos are great. I highly recommend her.

    March 11, 2013, Mason was Bonnie's client

    Patrice Rifkind, Au.D.
    Owner, Audiology Associates

    Bonnie helped us to make several videos to use for our website and with other online advertisements. We found her through HotSpot marketing. She spent a great deal of time with us through multiple retakes to allow us to say everything we wanted to get across. Bonnie also came in to record testimonials from our patients! Following the video shoot, she carefully edited the...more

    July 29, 2012, Patrice was Bonnie's client
    Mason Rashtian
    Paul Bovino
    Author at Books By Bovino

    Bonnie is a dynamic entrepreneur who not only knows the details of her business, but uses great savvy in administering it.

    July 14, 2012, Paul was with another company when working with Bonnie at VideoMagic Productions
    Lisa Wicall
    owner at wicalls carpets inc

    Bonnie has done several videos for my floor covering business. She always does a great video and somehow helps ease my nerves while filming. I highly recommend Bonnie Keith.

    March 3, 2013, Lisa was Bonnie's client

    Recent testimonial plus video (see top of page)

    Bonnie, I was at my daughter’s today and somehow it worked – I think she just needed a little more patience with it. Anyway, this is my youngest daughter, Deirdre, and my best critic – it’s the reason I wanted her to view it. She loves it!!! She’s not crazy about all the backgrounds that are used. I told her that I liked the water and trees as I felt a calmness/peacefulness with them – she agreed. Other than that she really liked it… Thank you so much for this, Bonnie. It was something I was really dreading, and you turned it into something really fabulous! Linda J Woolf W M S -- Patient Billing Advocate